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Canterville ghost, as the title suggests is a ghost story, byOscar Wilde. Very frequently we read horror literature which includes terrifying ghosts and follows a general format which begins with a dark setting followed by a slow insulation of fear and humans are frightened by the ghosts as they have an evident upper hand. But Canterville ghost was the first of its kind I've ever read where a ghost is intimidated by humans so much so that he confines himself to his chamber.

On the surface the story presents an old manor house, Canterville Chase which is haunted by the ghost of Sir Simon Canterville who had died some three hundred years ago. The ghost considered himself to be horrendous until an American family arrives into the house. After the arrival of the Otis family, the ghosts tries to frighten them but they over and again mock his presence and efforts. As an example, on his first appearance when the ghost was dragging chains, he was offered Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator by Mr. Otis. Further on his one of the appearances, he was frightened out of his wits by another ghost, which he later realized was a prank played on him by the twin sons of Mr. Otis.

The ghost was so exhausted by these encounters that he gave up on the Otis family and came to the conclusion that they did not deserve his efforts of scaring them. Still the ghost does his duty of appearing in the corridors, but he made sure that he did his task as silently as possible (so much so that he uses the lubricator that was earlier offered to him by Mr. Otis).

The ghost makes one grand last attempt and yet again fails miserably at it. He becomes sad and dejected and confines himself to one the rooms at the back of the manor. Virginia, the only daughter in the house, was a warm-hearted person. When she sees the condition of the ghost she feels sympathetic to him and eventually leads him to his peaceful end.

In my opinion, the book is easy to read and looks like any normal story but if observed, it is a story of contrasts. Wilde has presented his characters as comical figures as he satirizes their weaknesses. He has pitched two conflicting cultures, American and British in the book which makes it even more interesting. Every now and then, the British characters are shown believing in the existence of the ghost and faint at mere mention of his name, whereas the Americans entirely disregard his sheer presence in the house.

The use of archaic words makes imagery of the plot even more lucid. On the whole, an abundant use of wit and humour make the book a good read.

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